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Stocktake Sale Special! 25% Off 5 Litre Norma Oil Paint

Special Price Stocktake Sale! Fantastic Bulk Buy Value. Limited Stock. Schmincke Norma Oil Paints use the best of both traditional and modern pigments are used in the highest possible concentrations guaranteeing maximum efficiency and an extraordinary degree of luminosity  and brilliance with all colours. All shades display the maximum degree of light fastness (4-5 stars). Feel free to ring  or drop by our Melbourne store. We deliver nationwide. Chapman & Bailey Melbourne 420 Johnston St, Abbotsford, VIC 3067 Ph. 03 9417 0500   BUY ONLINE

Marieke Dench – R & F Encaustics Demonstration at Chapman and Bailey February 21st 2015

We had a fantastic demo at the art shop last weekend. Marieke is so engaging and charming, and she knows the materials so well – she is able to completely demystify this fascinating medium. At the end of this 40 minute demonstration, all the participants felt inspired to start working in encaustics, and had a strong sense of the material’s beauty and potential. First Marieke took us through studio safety – essential when working with heat and flame. Then she talked about suitable supports for encaustics – Belle Arti gesso panels are perfect. We were shown how to apply the encaustic paints and medium, and the correct technique for applying the blow torch. We were also given a glimpse of the unlimited possibilities for combining encaustics with collage. Julia Gorman 2015 Please note: Image from 2014 Encaustic Painting Demo by Marieke Dench FIND OUT MORE Check out the series of encaustic painting demos and workshops  Marieke will be running Feb - June 2015. A range to suit the beginner, experienced or just curious. The Art Materials used by Marieke Dench in this Encaustic Painting demonstration were R&F encaustic blocks, R&F encaustic medium, R&F soy wax, R&F palette, Belle Arti gesso panels, R&F natural bristle hake brushes.

Watercolour Art Revolution Arrives In Brisbane!

Free Try Me! Demonstration. Come along and find out more about water colour art revolution   Where: Chapman & Bailey Brisbane, 14 Byres Street, Newstead QLD 4006 When: 11.00am – 1pm Thursday 19th February Professional Water Colour Sticks Combining colour vibrancy with versatility, Winsor & Newton new Professional Water Colour Sticks offer you the opportunity to experiment with water colour like never before. The latest in our family of water colour innovations, they allow you to move effortlessly between drawing and water colour. The Sticks can be applied dry, then wet with a brush to create soft washes which can be blended with ease, even years later. Or, apply wet with a brush directly onto surface to achieve a myriad of effects. Tried, tested and embraced by notable water colourists, the Water Colour Sticks open up an array of new creative possibilities, inviting you to explore the boundaries of your artistic freedom by experimenting in both wet and dry form. Mario Robinson is one such artist, who having been inspired by their capabilities, created an evocative collection of portraits using the Sticks which you can view here. Our Professional Water Colour Sticks are: •   Available in 48 brilliant colours made of the highest quality, lightfast pigments •   Fully intermixable with traditional watercolours: Winsor & Newton tubes, pans, the new Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers and all mediums •   A versatile square shape for thick and thin lines •   Transportable for use as easily on-the-go as in the studio Water Colour Markers Introducing Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers, a range of highly pigmented water-based markers which deliver superb colour performance with added precision. One of our latest innovations, adding a new dimension to water colour, the markers are expertly crafted with dual nibs to enable you to achieve unrivalled definition and control. Each marker has a fine point on one end and a flexible brush on the other, helping you create a variety of stunning, sweeping line thicknesses and superior detailing. The colour is easily blended with water to create soft and vibrant water colour washes. Blending will vary accordingly to the paper used; for optimum results use with Winsor & Newton Water Colour Marker Pads. BOOK NOW Brisbane: Thursday 19th February: FREE Try Me! The New Watercolour Revolution: Winsor & Newton Watercolour Sticks & Markers Demonstration

Belle Arti Prize Art Happenings

2014 BELLE ARTI PRIZE New Photos | Vote for Belle Arti Prize People's Choice Award | Belle Arti Xmas | Belle Arti Prize on Instagram NEW BELLE ARTI PRIZE EXHIBITION PHOTOS ONLINE Check out new install shots of all the works in the 2014 Belle Arti Prize View here BELLE ARTI XMAS All works are available for purchase and are a great gift idea. Works are available for collection by arrangement between Saturday 20 December and Tuesday 23 December if you would especially like one before Christmas. Gallery closed 24 December 2014 - 11 January 2015 Exhibition closes 24 January 2015  Drop by Chapman & Bailey Gallery and vote for you favourite for the BELLE ARTI PRIZE 2014 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD Winner announced January 2015! FOLLOW BELLE ARTI PRIZE  ON INSTAGRAM Every day we will be putting up one work from the 2014 Belle Arti Prize. All 350 entries will be posted over the coming 350 days Chapman & Bailey Gallery 350 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Victoria Ph: 03 9415 8666   Email: Gallery closed 24 December 2014 - 11 January 2015 Exhibition closes 24 January 2015 LOOK ONLINE Check out NEW  photos from the 2014 Belle Arti Prize

So Excited About Our New Da Vinci Budget Synthetic Art Brushes!

Most of us know and love (or have coveted) Da Vinci artist brushes; there is simply no-one that makes a bigger range, of more finely crafted, specialised brushes than Da Vinci, not anywhere. Mark Chapman (our resident Chapman & Bailey art materials maestro) was a guest at the Da Vinci factory in Nuremburg, Germany, in June this year. He was hugely impressed with the high level of skill, and dedicated training required to become a Master Brush Maker at Da Vinci. To start with, the hopeful brush-making novice is apprenticed for 3 to 4 years to get their first taste of this ancient and demanding craft, before then continuing to work and learn under the supervision of a Master Brush Maker for many years to follow; to give you an idea, to be considered sufficiently skilled to tie a brush themselves, they will have trained for 5 to 10 years! Following their brush-tying initiation, the brush maker needs to attend regular top-up courses at the Institute of Brush-Makers (apologies, not sure of its’ exact name, but Mark believes it may be in Leipzig) , and then, maybe, after 20 years of dedicated toil, you get to call yourself a Master Brush Maker: artist of the idiosyncrasies of Black Sable, Red Sable, Kazan Squirrel, Blue Squirrel, Kolinsky, Tobolsky-Kolinsky, Sabeline, Badger, Hog Bristle, Pony, Ox, Goat…et al But as every body knows, gorgeous as these brushes are, the truth is that you don’t always need an exquisitely crafted natural- hair brush for every stage of your painting, or at every point of your learning curve. Chapman & Bailey have been fans of Da Vinci brushes for many years and stock a beautiful selection of natural- hair brushes in our art materials shops in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Alice Springs, but now we are very happy to say we also have cheap and cheerful practical budget ranges of Da Vinci synthetics; a brush for everybody and every requirement. Da Vinci student synthetics are budget- priced brushes, and are very good quality for the cost; they bring all the expertise and exacting German standards of Da Vinci to a basic student grade synthetic brush. The fibre qualities are excellent, with characteristics ranging from super soft to a firm impasto spring. The fibres are long in the ferrule so that they will remain in the brush head, rather than imbedded in your favourite artwork like other inferior budget brushes. The brush points are fine and true, and fibres revert to form nicely. Handles are either rolled, to keep the cost down without compromising the quality of the fibres, or varnished natural timber ,as you prefer: there are rounds, brights, filberts, softer fibres , harder fibres , long handles, and short handles. Whatever works for you! These modest but honest Da Vinci student brushes are still made in Germany, (in a solar powered factory with its own collecting contemporary gallery and residency program, no less) and are a quality alternative to the made- in- China cheap nasty brush experience; and the pain of ferrules that fall off and split, shedding and curling fibres, and no brush point whatsoever to speak of. Incidentally, Da Vinci student brushes are the best selling educational brushes in Europe, which shouldn’t be a great surprise, although they are still pretty uncommon in Australia. Anyway, at the end of the day, a brush may be cheap, but never waste your time and efforts with a cheap brush, life is way too short! So please come in and visit us, Alaina, Corinna, and Julia are happy to have a chat, and let you play with different brushes on our amazing magic paper (!) at Chapman & Bailey art materials at 420 Johnston St. Abbotsford (Melbourne), or 14 Byres St Newstead (Brisbane), and 8 Hele Cres Alice Springs. Or peruse the webshop ……           LOOK ONLINE Check out our NEW budget range of Da Vinci Brushes

Fine Art Stretchers

Our custom-made and stock-sized stretcher profiles are available in Cedar, Arakaria and aluminium. We use the traditional mitre joint in combination with wedges to expand and maintain strength and stability. We also cut and supply stretchers using the Belle Arti “Heart & Oval” joint.

Fine Art Stretchers

Conservation Framing

We specialise in custom framing for fine art and archival purposes. We can help you select a frame that will not only protect your artwork, but will also exhibit your piece with integrity. Our expert craftspeople use the finest timbers in contemporary styles to help complement your piece.

Conservation Framing

Fine Art Materials

We stock a range of quality art supplies including acrylic and oil paints, watercolours, pastels and pigments, artist mediums and varnishes, pencils and charcoal, papers and artist brushes. We are the Australian wholesale agent for Belle Arti and Artfix Linens and Cottons and R&F Paints.

Fine Art Materials

Bespoke Furniture

Our studio and its artisans use traditional techniques to create contemporary furniture for the home or office that will last a lifetime. Our materials are hand-selected, including timbers that are sustainably grown and contrasting materials such as future plastics, stone and metals.

Bespoke Furniture


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Since 1992, Chapman & Bailey has offered artists, designers, galleries and collectors a comprehensive art making and exhibiting service. We design and make hand-finished conservation-quality art framing. We provide artist stretchers, canvas and primers, and stock a comprehensive range of premium art supplies for painting and drawing, for exhibiting, collecting and storing. We create custom contemporary furniture for art galleries, collectors, designers and the general public. Our service is complemented with professional installation and delivery of artworks and furnishings.
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